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Seasonal Annalee Elves

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Thanksgiving Annalee Dolls

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Its that time of year again when the Annalee elves begin to appear. Their arrival is magical, although milk and cookies have been known to entice their appearance. They enjoy traveling to school in backpacks, attending sleep overs, going for walks, and just being part of the family. Children enjoy their presence and the stories of their travels since they last appeared. The pom at the end of their hats contains the magic and must be treated with love and care. Children get so excited wondering, wishing and watching for their Annalee Elves. Rumor has it that they arrive around the beginning of December and that Santa takes them back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

People have been doing the "Annalee Elf thing" for over 25 years. The Annalee elves range in size from 3 inches to 4 feet tall. SueCoffee.com has Annalee elves dating back as far as the 1950's when they were first produced and over 750 Annalee Doll Elves in stock - the largest inventory in the world!

Be sure to order your Annalee Elves now so they can make their appearance before the holidays. The unique thing about an Annalee elves are that they can be touched and positioned to whatever position you so desire. Also, Annalee Elves do not have to remain on a shelf! They love to go places with you and go all over the house.

Imagine the joy your children will have sharing their Annalee Elves with family and friends. The perfect Holiday Tradition.

Enjoy elf magic year round with over 1000 Annalee elves in stock. We are proud to offer the largest elf inventory in the world. Our selection includes various colors, sizes, characters, facial expressions, positions, and more! We even have a rare selection of elves from the Annalee Doll Museum including rare prototypes signed by Annalee Thorkdike and vintage elves dating back to 1955. Please take your time and look through the categories below and find the perfect collectible.

Elves are great for the whole family, find the elf from the year you were born
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