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MINT - New - Flawless - Perfect  - Unused - Original bag, original paper and seam tag.

NEAR MINTInsignificant flaws viewed with magnification and/or no bag or paper hang tag.

EXCELLENTMinor flaws only seen on close inspection with the naked eye. Displayed in a store or home. Might have slight shelf dust or fading. No bag or paper hang tag. Not recommended as a gift. Sold as is and not returnable.

VERY GOODMinor flaws consistent with gentle use. Fading, shelf dust, discoloration. No bag or paper hang tag. Not recommended as a gift. Sold as is and not returnable.

GOODFlaws consistent with normal use but does not effect visual pleasure. More fading, shelf dust, possible moth holes or nibbles. No bag or paper hang tag. Not recommended as a gift. Sold as is and not returnable.

POOR / SOLD AS ISObvious flaws, extensive damage, fading, shelf dust, moth/silverfish, missing accessories. Too nice, too rare or too cute to toss! No bag or paper hang tag. Not recommended as a gift. Sold as is and not returnable.


MOTH HOLES OR NIBBLEScheck under chin, hairline, creases, under clothing. Holes will go all the way through- you will see the white stuffing. Nibbles only go part way, they resemble "craters on the moon".

SILVERFISH - they do the same damage as moths but seem to make a path in the felt as they eat.

FADING OR SHELF DUST check in creases and under clothing. Straighten out legs, check to see if it is darker in the crease. What you want to do is compare areas that have never been exposed to the elements to areas that have been. Be sure to compare both the front and back of the doll. Fluorescent lighting, exposure to sun, cigarette smoke, wood stove and kitchen odors and exposure to dampness can often cause damage to the doll.

RIPS OR TEARS - check for loose stitching or areas where the wire has poked out through the feet or hands. Many times if someone removed a tag, the seam will split.

CHECK FOR EVIDENCE OF GLUE If you find glue in the hands, it is possible that the doll is missing an accessory.

CAROLER & CHOIR -  It is very common to have the "Merry Christmas" sheet music that is held in their hands to become creased and or turn to an off white in color. If a doll is listed as MINT, NEAR MINT, EXCELLENT the sheet music could still have creases, bends or discoloration. It is unavoidable. Many came directly from the factory this way. I suggest ungluing one side out of the hand to make it easier for storage and less chance of damage. In many cases, I will ship them this way to avoid damage in shipping.

NOTE: I am very particular how I grade the condition of Annalee Dolls. My definition of MINT is NEVER OUT OF THE ANNALEE BAG. A doll that is missing the paper green, beige or white tags with no signs of being displayed would be considered NEAR MINT. If a doll has Mint/ Near Mint in the description, it means I have some in MINT condition with tags, but occasionally they might not have the paper hangs tags-NEAR MINT. That is the only difference between the two. I do not charge any more with or without the paper hang tag. All dolls will have the Annalee fabric tag which is sewn in the seam. I always note it in the description if it has been cut. A doll that has been displayed out of the Annalee bag on the shelf in a store or in a home would be graded as EXCELLENT condition due to possible slight fading or shelf dust.


I will do my best to accommodate you facial requests, but I can not guarantee that it will be in stock. Please remember that 95% of my inventory has been RETIRED and NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you are not happy with a face, you may return the doll at your expense. Please note any facial requests when ordering. Facial requests can not be made on discounted or sale items.

If the description DOES NOT have the eyes and mouth mentioned, your order will be filled with the face that is currently available. The web photo doll is saved for "last one" and will not be sold prior.

I have devised a system which gives each face its' own unique item number. Not all dolls will be inventoried by facial expression. Some dolls have been cataloged with both the eyes and the face mentioned. Others just the eyes are mentioned (especially, the mice). If the eyes or mouth are NOT mentioned in the description, then the actual facial expression on the doll being shipped could vary from the photo.

Direction of the eyes can not be guaranteed. Feel free to make facial requests in the NOTES section when ordering or call me at 860-434-5641.

For those collectors that desire various facial expressions or just like one in particular, you will LOVE this system. This is a HUGE TASK and I hope I live long enough to catalog and photograph all 15,000 dolls I have in stock!!!

For example, please type in item number 544098 in the SEARCH box. You will see that I have 6 different facial expressions in stock of that one particular doll. Try typing in "ooh", "winking" and "closed mouth" in the SEARCH. You will see ALL the dolls that have that facial expression! Be sure to try the ADVANCED SEARCH. For example, type in: elf closed eyes, you will be amazed at what you will find!

While working on the ornament photo project, I came to realize what some of "them" were trying to "tell me". Here are a few of my interpretations of the facial expressions that I observed, along with my coding system at the end of the Annalee item number.


Open eyes, open mouth (yeah, excited) = has nothing added to the Annalee number (I call this the default face)

Open eyes, closed mouth (content, shy) = ox

Closed eyes, open mouth (getting ready to say something) = xo 

Closed eyes, closed mouth ("I'm so relaxed") = xx

Winking (“hey baby, what are you doing tonight?) = w

Puckered mouth (surprised look, kissing or blowing out a candle) = ooh

Laughing with tongue showing (let's party!!)= tong

For those of you new to suecoffee.com: if an item does not have a photo and it says available now, it is IN STOCK . I just haven't had a chance to photograph it yet!  Please email or call me to request a photo.

If doll was made prior to 1987, the date on the Annalee tag is ONLY the copyright date, NOT the actual year.

NOTE: An Annalee doll will RETIRE from production once its stock is sold out. The doll will not be produced again. Dolls labeled SUSPENDED are taken out of production at the end of the current calendar year, but Annalee Mobilitee Dolls reserves the right to re-introduce these dolls into its product line at some future date. In most cases, dolls that are re-introduced will feature slight design changes or new fabrics, making them similar to, but unique from, earlier versions.