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Dating Your Annalee Doll

HEY, I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW: If doll was made prior to 1987 then the date on the Annalee tag is ONLY the copyright date, not the actual year!


Additional Features To Check

PAPER HANG TAGS: Green hang tag was used in the mid 70's till around 1988. In 1989 Annalee introduced the beige tag with blue lettering. The item number was added to the back of the tag in 1987.

BASES: Various bases and stands were used depending on the year and sizeof the doll

Wire stand: Single pieces used in 50's - 60's on humans

Lawyer, Texas Oil, Golfer, Tennis Player, Football, Bellhop

Wooden half circle base: Mid 60's - early 70's

Tennis, Golfer, Go Go Boy and Girl, Drummer Boy, Nun, Monk, Choir Boy          

Cardboard cone base: Late 60's to early 70's

Monks, Nuns, Carolers

Felt base: 80's to 2004
In 2004 the only dolls that had felt bases were angels.
The rest of the line was designed to be free standing

Resin base: 2003 - 2004
Cupids, Bunnies, Irishman, Leprechaun, Witch, Santa

Wire - Twisted: 29" - 30" dolls 60's until 1983
Mr & Mrs Santa, Monk, Mice, Snowmen, Bunnies, Scarecrow

Wooden round base: 29" - 30" dolls 1984 to current

Mr & Mrs Santa, Monk, Snowmen, Bunnies, Witch, Scarecrow

Wooden round or square base: 2002 on 5"-14" dolls.
Only used one year due to problems in the wood.

Dents, nicks, knots and splitting.

Snowmen, Elves, Santas, Dogs, Bears, Mice             

Wooden round base with dome: Folk Heroes, Animal Series, Dickens, Nativity, State Trooper, Conductor, Huck Finn, Americana, Annalee Collector Series. Very common for bases to have occasional dings or scratches.

Wire - Round: 70's

Wire - Round covered with snow, felt or grass: 70's - current day

BAGS - coming 


Did you know...

*If an Annalee Doll was made prior to 1987, then the date on the Annalee tag is ONLY the copyright date, not the actual year it was made.

*Early Annalee Dolls did not have the internal wire for positioning. Chip, Annalee's husband created the internal wire body making them mobile, henceforth - Annalee Mobilitee Dolls.

*I recommend a TACKY GLUE called "Aleene's" for repairing Annalee Dolls. It is not affected by temperature changes, like the hot glue.

*Annalee would look in the mirror and copy her facial expressions when creating the artwork for her dolls.
Check out the faces on her elves, you will see the resemblance.

*I've found an increase of requests for closed eyes and winking due to the fact that Annalee Company no longer is producing dolls with those facial expressions. Try typing in "closed eyes" or "winking" in the SEARCH on suecoffee.com, you will be amazed

*The Annalee GNOME has a beard, the ELF does not.
There are a few exceptions:
Item 735081 - 10" Workshop Elf in 1981- 1983
Item 736593 - 10" Tinsel the Elf in 1991- 1992

*2002- first year using blue cheeks on the snowmen

*In 1979 Annalee stopped using the red nose on her reindeer