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Did you know...that you can now sort by item number, product or price?  

Be sure to sign up for Instant News to be informed of the latest news.  

Log In: By setting up and creating an account, you will be able to create a "Wish List", check on past and open orders, sign up to receive "Instant News" emails, track your order and much more! Be sure to write down your user name and password which are CASE SENSITIVE.
Free shipping on orders containing ALL current year - 2018 product.

Wish lists: can be stored and also sent to friends and family. The perfect way to get exactly what you want for Christmas!
Wish list Disclosure:This does not guarantee the item is on hold. To guarantee the item, you must add the item to your cart and purchase the item. Your wish list can be stored and also sent to any gift giver.

As the leading Annalee Doll Collectors site, I have the largest collection and selection of Vintage, all holiday occasion Annalee's, rare and hard to find, and much much more! You never know what you'll discover just around the corner and the wish list gives you the option to find your favorites and narrow down to your "must haves"! Place your order as soon as you decide, because the wish list can only come true when you make the purchase!

Instant News: You many opt in to receive Instant News emails on your profile page. These are different than the Sue Coffee Email Newsletter which is sent 8-10 times a year. This feature is a way to notify you before the emails are sent. For example, if I reduced and put a certain category or even one item on sale, anyone that signed up to receive the Instant News would be notified immediately. I highly recommend everyone to sign up so you can be the first to know and receive the best deals!

Wanted to Buy: Try typing in "Wanted to Buy" in the search. These are just some of the dolls that I need for inventory.


Facial expressions: If looking for a particular face, try typing in the search - winking, squinting, etc.

 I hope you enjoy the features and value the account aspect of suecoffee.com.


As always, thank you for choosing Sue Coffee for your Annalee needs and desires.

It's all in the smile!

Sue :)