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Learn how Sue Coffee built her Annalee Doll Collection

Annalee Thorndike & Chuck her son with Sue Coffee

I have amassed a collection of Annalee Dolls numbering in the thousands since 1988 and today I have the largest inventory in the country. My web site is the most extensive resource guide available. I offer a locator service. "If I don't have it, I can find it for you." I am known for my personalized service and my satisfaction guaranteed policy. I take pride in being the leading source in buying and selling Annalee Dolls.

The ages of the dolls cover the spectrum, from Annalee’s earliest creations in the late 1930s, to present day. It all began back in the early seventies. My Mom would purchase one or two Annalee Dolls every year for the Christmas season. The dolls were an integral part of our family’s decorations. I would traditionally purchase Annalee Dolls as gifts for my Mom each year, and one year, there were some "extra" dolls that didn’t make it into my Mom’s possession. These became the seed dolls for what would become a massive collection.

I have been asked, "When you collect Annalee Dolls from every era, which then, is your favorite?" I say it is the ski dolls. My ski dolls are part of an elaborate diorama that includes a ski slope, ski lift, pond and lodge. The whole scene measures 12 feet by 5 feet, with a rising slope of 4 feet.

On December 28, 1995, I had the opportunity of a lifetime when I was showcased on a cable television show called "Personal FX: The Collectibles Show." Based in New York, the show was broadcast live from my home. Accompanying me on the program, hosted by Jillian Hamilton, was my husband John and our daughter Calli. It took five days for me to set up for this big event, which covered everything from the history of Annalee Dolls, the Annalee Doll Society, and dating an Annalee Doll. This opportunity provided the chance to reflect on all the hard work and dedication that I had put into becoming one of America’s leading authorities on buying, selling and collecting Annalee Dolls. In January 2000 I had the honor of working with the Annalee Company in creating my first Sue Coffee Exclusive, the Patriotic Girl. In the fall of 2000, I designed two exclusives: Patriotic Boy and Patriotic Girl #2. My fourth exclusive, Patriotic Clown, made his debut in May 2001. They have removable bases and accessories allowing greater versatility when decorating. These dolls were made in Meredith, NH, USA. In 2002, I came out with 8 more Patriotic exclusives and in 2003, I followed with 15 more, including Everyday, Patriotic and Christmas themes.

I was the consulting expert for the publication, "Annalee Mobilitee Dolls Price Guide" by Larry Koon, Portfolio Press, Cumberland, MD. in Novemeber 2001. The following year, in June 2002, I was asked by Annalee Company to give a presentation on, "How to Date Your Dolls," at the Annalee Summer Social. In 2003 I designed and produced 5 Sue Coffee Custom Classics including Patriotic Pony, Circus Elephant, Circus Donkey, Grand Canyon Burro and Nativity Donkey with Saddlebags. Annalee produced 5 Sue Coffee Annalee Custom Classics in 2005. All the dolls mentioned above can be viewed in the left menu under "Sue Coffee Exclusives."

Be sure to visit suecoffee.com periodically for unadvertised specials on over-stock items, current and secondary market pricing, locating a particular Annalee, decorating ideas, researching and dating. My collection and exclusives have been featured on the Annalee web site and in numerous Annalee Collector Magazines. Here are the issues for your convenience: Vol. 13 #1 page 10, Vol. 13 #3 page 4, Vol. 14 #3 page 6, Vol. 17 #3 page 12, Vol. 18 #2 page 6, Vol. 18 #4 page 13, Vol. 19 #1 pages 7 & 13, Vol. 19 #2 page 7, Vol. 20 #1 page 16, Vol. 20 #2 and Vol. 21 #1.

SueCoffee.com is owned and operated by Sue Coffee. I not only sell Annalee Dolls, I collect them. My job is to make you happy. I LOVE MY JOB! Annalee created her dolls to bring enjoyment and happiness. That is what collecting Annalee Dolls is all about!

3/19 From one of my customers:

"I've always wanted more Annalees that the cherished little group I've had for years.  Could kick myself for not subscribing to those yearly glossy catalogues!  Then I recently found the "Sue Coffee" website.  WOW.  There they are, doll after doll, a cornucopia of new, older, and even downright antique.  And arranged in clear and even intriguing categories to help you explore the Annalee World (in my case, I was stunned to see the company put out Court Jesters and Clowns--now I have a superb specimen of each!).  All the items in my binge-boxes, even some decades old, are in great shape.  And Sue kindly followed my instructions regarding special preferences, and took the time to give me some guidance.  She even has a search function for ones currently not in stock (I just missed a fabulous Mermaid!).  Sue, thanks a million for your big heart and expertise--your site is truly a slice of heaven in what have been some trying recent times.  And I happily blame YOU for the fact that my Christmas Tree stayed out until St. Patrick's Day!"

Thanks for your lovely shop and giving heart.     Love Kat W.

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"She is a powerhouse of Annalee Doll collecting, enthusiasm and knowledge."
The Collector, The Official Annalee Doll Society Magazine - Vol. 14 No. 3

Yours in Annalee Doll Collecting,
Sue Coffee